GNSS Receiver Design

Involved NavSAS Researcher:

The design of a software receiver requires ….

  • Acquisition
  • Tracking
  • Pseudorange Estimation
  • Data demodulation
  • State Estimate

Digital Signal Processing

Involved NavSAS Researcher: Emanuela Falletti, Beatrice Motella

Classical and Advances Signal Processing techniques

  • Signal Detection and Acquisition
  • Frequency Lock Loops (FLL)
  • Delay Lock Loops (DLL)
  • Navigation Signal Design and Analysis
  • Time-frequency analysis
  • Design of Jamming and Spoofing attacks for testing applications

Sensor Fusion and Integration to GNSS

Involved NavSAS Researcher : Gianluca Falco

Increased accuracy, reliability and robustness

  • UWB sensor fusion
  • Loose, Tight and Ultra-tight integration of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
  • Collaborative Navigation with additional measurements

Space Applications

Involved NavSAS Researcher : Gianluca Falco

Positioning and navigation technologies beyond terrestrial applications

  • Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) positioning systems
  • Analysis of system requirements and specifications
  • Use of GNSS in extra-terrestrial scenarios