The thesis proposed by NavSAS are developed under the guidance of a Professor and a research team of Politecnico di Torino or LINKS foundation. They typically require to study a challenging, state-of-the art problem (theoretical, simulative, or experimental).

In some cases, they may be related to national or international research projects, may require to interact with external researchers and may generate a paper published at international level in conferences or journals.

NavSAS is always looking for talented and motivated student!

Research Thesis

The thesis will cover timely topics that are part of the current scientific interest of the community.

Internship Thesis

The thesis will be carried out in highly-rated National or International companies

Project Thesis

The thesis activities will contribute to R&D activities foreseen by international projects

Collaborative Positioning

Bayesian estimation of GNSS positioning through particle filters

Particle Filters (PF) are Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) methods aim at solving for filtering problems in signal processing applications as well as in Bayesian statistical inference. The use of particle filter was limited in the past due to the high computational complexity of the proposed algorithms but it has become newly appealing nowadays in a number of applications. Satellite navigation can benefits from PFbased solutions thanks to the high accuracy reachable by means of such a technique. PF are also implemented in the solution of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) problem, thus turning in a modern solution for complex localization and navigation applications.

GNSS-SLAM – Simultaneous Localization and Mapping applied to networked GNSS receivers

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) can be exploited in many application fields such as robotics, navigation, intelligent transport systems, planetary exploration and many others. A network of GNSS receivers could aim at cooperatively solving unknown positions through SLAM and shareable ranging measurements or feeding collaborative navigation algorithm for improved positioning and navigation performance. Popular approximate solution methods include the particle filter, extended Kalman filter, Covariance intersection, and GraphSLAM. The thesis will concern the development of a MATLAB SLAM library for the processing of satellite-based and inter-users ranging measurements for improved navigation.