Hardware and Software Equipments
Internally developed for research and education

Along the years, we have developed our own software tools that enable top-level research on the GNSS signals. The most worthy of mention are the N-Fuels signal generator and the N-Gene and SOPRANO software receivers. In the last decades, a new multi-frequency and multi-constellation MATLAB software receiver has been inspired to the popular software receiver proposed by K. Borre and D. Akos, our SONG.

Furthermore, our labs are equipped with two geo-referenced rooftop antennas, which enable anytime static measurement campaigns, a single-frequency hardware signal generator (NAV-X NCS) and a new multi-frequency multi-user IFEN NCS Titan at, as well as several commercial receivers, both of mass-market and professional grade, used in our daily R&D activities.


A real-time Fully Software Receiver developed in C language


A MATLAB Numerical Signal Generator


A MATLAB Fully Software Receiver for core algorithm R&D